Winds Of Change In Distribution

By Steve Epner—The generation Gap is real. It is causing many changes to the world of distribution. Some are easily predicted, some are expected, and some are surprising — at least to those who are unprepared. Do not kid yourself . . . Learn More Here

Accept Credit Cards and Get Paid Faster by Your Customers

Imagine you are a wholesale distributor, and one of your longstanding customers has asked to pay his most recent invoice by credit card. Whether he has issues with monthly cash flow or just wants the rewards points for a trip to Hawaii, the fact is . . . Learn More Here

Purchase to Pay

Every company has to buy things. Distributors' purchasing for resale can make or break their business. That makes Purchase to Pay one of the most critical business chunks (see our first article for a complete definition and list of business chunks) . . . Learn More Here

Mobilize Your CRM!

Can you picture a sales representative in today's mobile world, driving from appointment to appointment with a rolodex parked on the passenger seat, next to a paper map? If you asked a sales professional to pick the one thing . . . Learn More Here

Join the Sage ERP Accpac 6.1 Early Adopter Program

The goal of the Early Adopter Program (EAP) is to get up to 15 companies to adopt Sage ERP Accpac 6.1 in their production environment so Sage can better understand how end users are interacting with the new enhancements . . . Learn More Here

Who Says the Customer is Always Right?

by Steve Epner Selling is never easy. It is a full contact sport. As good as our sales guys and gals may be, they are easily trapped and fooled by clever customers. Every day, we hear that it would be so much easier if we could just charge less . . . Learn More Here

Top 3 Reasons Why an Accurate Inventory of Fixed Assets Is Essential to Your Business

Many organizations often overlook the savings potential they can gain by improving their fixed asset management practices. But the fact is that many assets require large investments and your company should do its best to protect them . . . Learn More Here

Excel Tips and Tricks

Question: How do I make a specific cell mandatory to fill in, in an Excel workbook? We have a form that employees fill in but require that important information like employee names to be mandatory. Can this be done in Excel . . . Learn More Here

Customer Spotlight: A First Class Solution for The Second Cup Ltd.

Challenge: Second Cup’s old accounting software was designed for a much larger organization and as a result, was difficult to use and support . . . Learn More Here