MARCH/APRIL 2012 Article

Sage Introduces New Names for ERP Solutions

Sage is pleased to announce that we are updating our product names to provide you with an easier way to understand how our ERP solutions can serve your business needs.

  • Sage ERP Accpac 100 will launch as Sage 300 Standard ERP.
  • Sage ERP Accpac 200 will launch as Sage 300 Advanced ERP.
  • Sage ERP Accpac 500 will launch as Sage 300 Premium ERP.

With this new numbering approach, we now have a simpler way to present the increasing levels of product capability or sophistication available to you.

We plan to start using these new products names on our website in May 2012 and at the Sage Summit partner and customer conference Nashville in August 2012.

The new name changes will also make it easier to see how your ERP solution works with our other product families to provide the most value for your investment. By integrating with our common business solutions such as CRM, fixed assets, HRMS, and payroll, you can ensure that Sage solutions will grow with your business as its needs change and evolve.

While our product names may be changing, one thing that won't change is our commitment to delivering a superior customer experience. We will always be working to enhance our products and to deliver leading solutions that help make your business life easier.


Sage ERP Accpac Intelligence