Get Control of the Chaos and Improve Your Customer Experience

Business leaders face unprecedented challenges today, and technology is an important tool for meeting them. So when faced with a problem area such as product returns, it makes sense to look to your company's business system and, in turn, your software provider, for help. The question becomes: How can we use our system to address this problem? Most companies have RMA functionality in their existing systems which can be tapped in order to gain control of a process that very well may be out of control. Automating such a process puts everyone in the company "on the same page," so to speak. Returns are entered into the company's computer system, and all of the departments and individuals involved in processing that return are notified of their responsibilities along the way. Communication improves, the process is streamlined, and customers receive more timely service. Business insight is another bonus: the data generated by your RMA system can alert you to quality problems and other issues that can go a long way toward improving your service levels. It is a win-win situation all around.

However, it is impossible to improve a process simply by automating it. Documentation, education, and ongoing communication are key elements to any successful software implementation, and RMA functionality is no exception. For that reason, this paper focuses on the following key areas in regard to automating the returns process:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Setting goals
  • Documenting your process and implementing a solution
  • Expected benefits
  • Achieving the ultimate goal: a better customer experience

As business conditions begin to improve in many sectors of the economy, it is time to start focusing on growth. But growth plans mean little without a solid business structure held together by great customer service. As West Coast technology consultant, Tom Gaby, put it recently, "At the end of the day, it's all about enhancing the customer experience; that's what gives you your competitive edge these days. And you can enhance that customer experience by offering better service and better products–two things the RMA process can help you achieve."

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