Announcing Sage TimeSheet 2011

Sage TimeSheet 2011 will be available in February 2011. The results from the most recent Sage TimeSheet customer and business partner surveys revealed we needed to get "back to basics." Due out in February 2011, we're excited to share that Sage TimeSheet v2011 has done just that with a focus on increasing stability in Sage TimeSheet and making it easier to use! Join us for an upcoming webcast where you can learn more about the new features in the upcoming Sage TimeSheet 2011 release, including:

  • An easier way to manage employees. Employee's can now be assigned to multiple group managers and administrators can easily select which manager should be allowed to approve or notify the employees.
  • A new filter for employees in the Group Manager window so the manager will only see the employees they are responsible for approving. Whether they filter by group, company, or a project component, they can quickly see the correct employees.
  • Easier web navigation with improved cursor placement while navigating, faster navigation with the use of the page up and page down key, and the ability to resize and save each component in the task window individually.
  • Faster reporting thanks to use of a separate window for the Windows client application with the new version of Crystal Reports.
  • Easy identification of important information related to the task at hand with the new Task Tip feature. Now each employee has control to show key information for each task by simply hovering over the task.
  • A new look for the Help file–making it easier than ever to find the topics you need when you need them.
  • An easier way to bring data in and out of Sage TimeSheet thanks to a new API.

Want to the see Sage TimeSheet v2011 in action? Please join us for a live Webcast either the January 25th (for Partners) or February 8th (for customers and Partners) to learn more about this exciting release.

"Sage TimeSheet 2011: Back to Basics"
Date: February 8, 2011
Time: 2:00 p.m. ET

Register today or call 866-302-5090 for more information.


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