Sage ERP Accpac Payment Processing Powered by Sage Exchange–Coming Soon!

Manually keying your payments data into your business software as a redundant process is about to become a thing of the past with the availability of Sage ERP Accpac Payment Processing integrated with Sage Exchange.

Sage Exchange is a powerful new payment platform built in a versatile PA-DSS certified environment that facilitates the secure exchange of payment data to and from business software. The benefits of this integration of payment data with business software cover several key functions and processes:

  • Integrates payments with Sage ERP systems
  • Improves cash flow management and forecasting
  • Reduces fraud exposure and PCI compliance costs
  • Provides a consolidated view of payment activity
  • Automates data entry for payment transactions
  • Eliminates manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors

What Components Comprise the Sage Exchange Solution?
Designed with convenience, security and functionality in mind, the initial release will connect to the Sage Exchange Virtual Terminal with card swipe capabilities that don't time out. Other features of Sage Exchange payment devices include processing of credit and debit cards using the latest browser-based technology and availability of both countertop and wireless PCI-PED compliant card scanning solutions.

Who Can Benefit from Sage Exchange?
Virtually every company that buys and sells goods and/or services can benefit from Sage Exchange's integration of payments and business systems:

  • Enables acceptance of all types of payments and automatically updates records in Sage ERP Accpac
  • Creates more visibility and control to your cash position
  • Reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) which increases cash flow

Future Versions Offer Business Bolstering Benefits
Companies that purchase goods or services will find several benefits in future releases that include:

  • Payment methods that impact a buyer's Accounts Payable records and days payables outstanding (DPO)
  • Automated payment origination through electronic payment processing
  • Increased visibility and control over DPO and streamlining payment processing

And the most exciting part of this new Sage ERP Accpac Payment Processing module is that it will be provided at no additional cost to customers on a current Sage Business Care plan (formerly Software Assurance or Priority Software Support). Look for more details in our next newsletter to find out how you will be able to take advantage of the power of Sage Exchange with your Sage ERP Accpac system.


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